Restore sight to 200 villagers in rural Nigeria – Project ID 44482
Hello everyone and we hope you are enjoying the summer, and staying safe and keeping cool.
Thank you for your continued support for our project to Restore sight to 200 villagers in South Eastern Nigeria, which provides much needed primary and specialist eye, and general medical care services.
Our first cohort of nine individuals who received cataract operations last January are all doing well and we are monitoring their sights.
We have started planning for the next eye screening outreach and cataract operations in Dec 2022/Jan 2023 and will provide an update in our next report.
Our Medication Maintenance Program is going well at monthly clinics, during which we monitor the blood pressure of some of the poorest in communities and provide them with medication. We also facilitate and fund specialist investigations and treatments.
We hope to include blood sugar monitoring and issuing medications to control diabetes by the end of the year. Economic hardship is increasing in Nigeria and with the poorest in communities becoming poorer. We continue to provide more small interest free loans to the poorest families, to assist
them with petty trading and subsistence farming.
Thank you so much for your continued support and wish you all well.
Kind regards
Victoria Ononeze
Project Manage