Restore sight to 200 villagers in rural Nigeria – Project ID 44482
We are both excited and delighted to announce that with your help we have now raised £3,939 ($4795) for our project to Restore sight to 200 villagers in South Eastern Nigeria. With this project and the wider free health care we provide in these villages, we will be able to provide much needed general and eye care services.
However, due to global Covid-19 pandemic preparations for cataract operations were paused.
In the meantime, our attention has focused on the other objective of our Foundation, which is to provide small interest free loans to households experiencing huge hardship made worse by Covid-19. Many households rely on daily incomes from petty trading or sell of goods from subsistence farming to feed their families, which has more or less stopped.
Many low paid workers have lost their jobs. We have issued loans of about £50 to 20 individuals.
We have also provided food aid for distribution in communities.
We hope to restart the planning for eye screening sessions in the next couple of months to assess and identify individuals for cataract operations. We look forward to sharing our progress in our mission to restore sight with you soon.
Thank you so much for your continued support. Stay safe and keep well!