Microfinance initiative to Peasant Farmers and Petty Traders

The Micro-Finance Project’s objective is to relieve poverty and financial hardship among people living in Ihitte/Uboma Local Government Area in Imo State, Southeast of Nigeria.

The project involves the provision of small interest-free loans to individuals in, or at risk of, poverty or financial need to enable them to establish or support their own businesses to provide for themselves and their families.

Many households rely on daily incomes from petty trading or selling goods from subsistence farming to feed their families, which is increasingly difficult for some due to hardship.

Many low-paid workers have also lost their jobs.

As of December 2022, we have issued loans of about £50-£100 to 25 individuals.

Our aim is to provide as many people as possible with an interest-free loan which beneficiaries can return when they are able to, so that the money can be ploughed back into the scheme.