Restore sight to 200 villagers in rural Nigeria

The project will restore sight to 200 people, helping them to provide for their families and rise out of poverty. Education about eye diseases and restoring sight in people with cataract will help reduce the level of blindness in the working adult population and benefit local economy.

Our first cohort of nine individuals who received cataract operations last January are all doing well and we are monitoring their sights.

We have started planning for the next eye screening outreach and cataract operations in Dec 2022/Jan 2023 and will provide an update in our next report.

The photos and videos below show the 7 patients who had eye surgery and the whole group singing and giving testimony.

This man could not see for 15 years of his life. Now he can see and is now employed by the local churhc. His daughter, who guided him for the last 15 years is now in school. Every little help has a ripple effect.

Improving & Restoring Sight

Bread winners will be able to carry on providing for their families and lifting themselves out of poverty.