Medication Maintenance

Over the past five years, we have observed that a small number of patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes were diseased by the next outreach in 12 months, because they have no money to buy drugs when the ones the Foundation provided ran out. As a result, we worked with community and church leaders to identify some of the poorest individuals in the community with these conditions.

A retired Director of Nursing agreed to run a medication maintenance programme on behalf of the Foundation. The beneficiaries attend once every month for blood pressure checks, review of their drugs and to collect their medication for the month. Depending on the outcome of the review, some are referred to hospital for further investigation. There is a remarkable change in the life and wellbeing of the beneficiaries since the inception of this programme. The Foundation officials met with the beneficiaries at the one-year anniversary of programme held in May 2023. The interviews and testimonies of the beneficiaries and the co-ordinator were very emotional.

Because of our limited resources, not everyone on our ‘’poverty list” is a beneficiary of the scheme at present and we hope to extend this to all as our resources improve. Please you can support this medication maintenance programme or indeed any of our other projects by donating to our charity.